Another fish in a Bowl ......


Not at all .

I am not bound by boundries of any sort.

I think beyond i could see.

I want and I am FREE....


I believe in breaking boundries

and jumping to new thoughts and philosphies .

Its not easy to live like this ,

but I cant think of being bound by rules

which stifle my growth and my imagination.


Lakhs and lakhs years ago..... no body ever thought that they could cook there food ... (A child today may laught at this kind of expression).... Thousands years ago no body could have emagined electricity..... Now we cant live without it even for a moment. few decades back listening to Radio was the advanced entertainment .... is it today ??????


We could achieve all this beacuse few of us wanted to fly across boundries of thoughts , rituals and rigid controls.


This website is just an expression of ME... Sidharth a Normal Boy who wants to remain normal .......





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